Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How Not to Register a Truck

Today is payday and today's task was getting the truck registered.

What a lesson in frustration. I went the first time about 4 weeks ago but needed the old registration which, apparently I had lost. I had to send to NH to get a replacement but didn't have the $15 to pay for it so had to wait. I finally made a sale on Etsy so used the money to send off for the duplicate.  It came yesterday.  I printed out the insurance form at my neighbor's (my printer is out of ink) and went to the DMV this morning to try again.

They told me I still needed more insurance and needed the insurance card - which, of course, I seem to have also lost. I didn't want to drive home (couldn't print and my neighbor is gone for the day anyway) so asked where the nearest library was. They gave me totally wrong directions and I ended up, after hunting for it for 30 minutes, driving back to Willis from Montgomery, about 20 miles, to use the library there.

 I almost burst into tears when THEY told me they didn't have change for the machine that runs the printer and I had to leave and find someplace to get change. Finally, I upped the insurance (the insurance company wants to hit me with almost $100 extra next month - not sure for what) and printed everything out and headed back. The woman at the DMV misread the insurance and was going to give me a hard time, but realized her mistake. I was about to lose it.

It cost a bundle - all the money I had to make a truck payment but I have shiny new plates and more papers. I'm home licking my wounds.

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