Buy the Dog a Bone

We are getting low on dog food as I read this. I'm still waiting for my truck to be fixed but when I do get it back, I will need money for gas to get to the store. The dogs both need to go to the vet's. Moss really needs to be neutered and even through a low cost program, it's still more than I have. Doc needs to have his back leg looked at. And they both need new frisbees! They're going through a frisbee a month. They love their frisbees!
I've put up a donation page with a donate button here. You can decide how much you would like to donate. Here's some suggestions:

$3 will buy a frisbee

$5 will buy a box of treats

$10 will buy a small bag of dog food or enough gas for a few days.

$15 will buy a large bag of dog food

$20 will buy a bag of dog food and gas

$50 will buy a trip to the vets

                                                    $100 will neuter one dog

If you'd rather buy something, visit my Zazzle store and see what tickles your fancy!

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Thanks to:

Jan Caneen
Susan Hacon
Brenna Huntington
Jess Pettey

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