Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Bread Fiasco

Corn, yeast, oatmeal bread? This is going to be interesting.

 I was out of bread so I decided to make some quick 5-minute cornbread in the microwave. I dumped a cup of flour in a bowl and - oops. No cornmeal. Well, OK then. How about yeast bread in the rice cooker? (I'm getting into this alternative baking since I don't have a working oven.) Directions said to add a little bit of water to proof. I've never proofed before and I've made a lot of bread, but decided to try it.

 Oops, I wasn't supposed to add water to the flour mix like I just did. Now the batch is too wet and I'm out of flour. I tried adding powdered milk instead of liquid milk but it just seemed to dissolve. Ha. Oatmeal. Just the thing. It's rising now.

Then it hits me. I'm getting a ride to the grocery store today. I won't have time to let the dough rise and bake it too. I would have been fine with the cornbread, but not yeast bread. So I cut a little time off the rising and turn the cooker on. Of course, being a rice cooker, it keeps shutting itself down to warm. I keep turning it up until time to go. Then I unplug it and wrap it in a towel. 

The bread was still warm when I got home. I turned the cooker back on for a while. I gave it a taste test and declared it done. It really was pretty good bread. Imagine what it would have been like if I had done it right!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Glass, Half Empty or Half Full?

I'm feeling a little down today, for no particular reason. I think it's because I had a few sales last week in my Zazzle store and now that's come to an end. I've been working hard on making silhouettes for my Dog Store to the point that my wrist hurts, but only have a few people visiting the store.
And this morning the park owner knocked on my door to tell me I had left the water on outside. It wasn't on high but still.....I feel like an idiot...
It was a lovely morning even though it was wicked humid outside. It felt good in the camper with the AC on drying out the air. I did a few things that I knew I wouldn't do once the camper heats up in the afternoon. Did some laundry and put some beans in the crock pot. Now the dogs want to do something but it's just still too hot. Once the sun comes around to the south side of the camper it heats up like an oven in here.
Another lean month for food and cash. I haven't heard back from the Food Stamp department. It has been a while. I don't like to use the phone because of my hearing.
I think the projects that are building up is getting to me too. I need just an item or so for each project but can't get to the store to buy it. I don't like to order something that costs a dollar or two and pay $6 for shipping. So the projects keep mounting up. Here's one in progress.
I would really like to attach the faucet to the pipe instead of the hose coming through the window. Then I could finish the back splash and would be able to close the window instead of stuffing plastic bags in the cracks. I just need PVC cleaner.

But tomorrow we're being rescued again and being picked up to visit with a friend. We'll play with computers, dogs and sheep. I can get a stop at the store too.