Thursday, July 12, 2012

Last on the Essential List - Clothing

Maybe we don't really need clothes, in the summer at least, but it's better to stay out of jail by wearing them. Besides, you wouldn't want innocent people to go blind, now would you?

I've never been a follower of fashion. I'll wear just about any old thing, but sometimes I do want to be neat and presentable. The only thing is, even if I had the money to go clothes shopping, I HATE SHOPPING. I try to get in, grab what I need and get out as fast as possible. Shopping actually makes me dizzy. (The one exception to this is the hardware store)

Lately, however, shopping hasn't been an issue because I haven't had any disposable income to buy clothes with. My friends have been giving me their cast offs and that works pretty well, when, and if, my friends are the same size. I have a lot of shorts and pants I have to hold up with safety pins and a belt.

There are free clothes closets here and there, usually run by a church. They are great, but you have the same issue with shopping. At least you don't have to check out. Other places to get cheap clothes is at something like a Salvation Army or Goodwill. The only thing I am a little squeamish about is used underwear and shoes.

Shoes can be another whole bag of worms. Sizes vary from brand to brand and people's feet are so unique. My feet have always been large and have spread another half size in my old age. I rarely can find my size in a cheap shoe store unless I buy a man's shoe. I can't wear anything with a cheap dye. I'm allergic to it. If the shoes have a thin mesh toe, my big toe will be poking through in a matter of days. I don't like shoes in the summer that are too hot but I want something I can walk and run in. I'm not too picky.

 I found my perfect summer sandal  - Keen Women's Whisper Sandal - and I'm listing it here just in case anyone wants to send me a pair (size 10.5) <grin>

Clothing is so personal, that it is a good candidate for a gift card. Amazon has some nice ones.

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