Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mushroom and Stuffing

I'm still experimenting with some recipes and thought to share the results with you. I was given a box of canned and boxed foods which were pretty close to what I would get at the pantry but some a little different. (Right now I'm eating noodles with Alfredo sauce. Much as I love tomato sauce, it's nice to have a change.)
One of the treats in the box was instant stuffing. I like it in moderation and can even almost eat it as a meal. I tried first adding mushrooms to it. That was a big mistake. It was too slimy. I don't recommend it.

Last night I tried adding cream of something soup. I don't think it matters much which cream of it is. It might have been cream of mushroom, my favorite. Anyway, that was pretty tasty. I'm thinking next time I have stuffing, I might just make soup and use the stuffing as sort of a crouton. I'll keep you posted.

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