Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not a Crock Pot

I bought what I thought was a tiny crock pot at a yard sale. It had never been used, but didn't come with a box or instructions. I only paid a couple of dollars for it and thought it was a great deal.

I finally decided to try it out. My neighbor cooks beans in her crock pot, so I thought I'd give that a try. I have bags of dried beans in the cupboard. I put the beans in, added water and turned it on overnight. I didn't expect them to be completely cooked in the morning, and they weren't. I kept the pot on low since it seemed to boil over if I turned it on high. As the day went on, they still were crunchy. At the end of 24 hours, they were edible, but just barely.

Next I tried baking bread in it. I read that it works as well as a bread machine. I whipped up the dough and set it on a piece of foil and turned in on high. After several hours, I realized the pot kept shutting itself down to low. I thought this was a bit peculiar. And the bread was not baking.

I decided to go online and see what was up with this little crock pot. I soon found out what my problem was. It wasn't a crock pot at all. It's a RICE COOKER!!! I've never had a rice cooker before so I read some online directions, put in some clean rice and water and tried again. This time it worked like a charm! Within 10 minutes, or so it seemed, I had a pot full of perfectly cooked rice. I added butter, salt and a can of onion soup. It was delicious. Now I can make rice to go with those beans.

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