Saturday, September 8, 2012

It Sits

The truck was delivered home last night. It is sitting in its parking place but I can't drive it.

It has been at my neighbor's son's house so he could fix the transmission fluid leak. He said he had trouble because it was so rusty. Apparently, he didn't stop to think that the truck was from New Hampshire where any old car will be rusty.

He put the seals in and it still leaked. He found that it was leaking from a line. He fixed that and discovered he couldn't shift gears. Now it seems there was a wire that was burning out that controls the brake and the shifting. 
He got it here at 10 pm last night. I rode with his mom to take him home and we got back around 11:30  so I couldn't get to sleep until almost 1. I'm wiped out.

Her son, and a real mechanic friend of his are coming tomorrow morning to see about fixing that wire.

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