Saturday, January 3, 2015

Almost Normal

It is just the weirdest sensation, to feel sick without real symptoms. Today I feel that sense of relief that one feels when the morning brings a certainty of a good day. I still feel weak, but not so dizzy and no chills running up and down my spine. I did shuffle out to trudge with the dogs and realized when I got home, I actually forgot to make coffee. Still haven't had any. I did have breakfast though.
I also found an exercise online that is supposed to help with the balance issue. It's not vertigo.
The room doesn't spin. It's more like being drunk. When you look up or down and loose your balance. (I'm not drunk. Haven't even had a beer in ages.) I'm convinced it's an inner ear thing.
I also realized that there is another jam session I can go to this evening. I just put in an hour on the bass and after lunch a little ukulele....

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