Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why I Don't Always Finish Projects

My music stand was falling apart. At last Saturday's jam  it dumped my music book on the floor, popping open the rings and pages were everywhere. I decided it was time for a new music stand.
I like the wire ones because they fold up and fit in my music bag, and if I'm on bass, I can raise the book so I can see it. So I went into the music store where we were playing and bought a new stand. It seemed more substantial than my old one.
At a rehearsal today, I pulled out my new stand and set the music book on it. It promptly flipped the book over backwards. I couldn't tighten it enough to hold the music book upright. The guy next to me "helped" by cranking it so tight I thought he was going to strip it right out. I think I'm returning it. I'm giving up on wire music stands.
I have seen some nifty looking stands that are built like a folding stool. The book sits in the fabric and there's no way it can flip over or tip. I thought I could make one out of pvc pipe.

On the way home today I stopped at a box hardware store. I don't like these stores because it's so hard to find what you need but it was right on the way. I walked to one corner of the store to find pvc pipe, wandered around some more to find the corner pieces I needed and then back to the opposite corner to find two bolts. Of course none of the workers there will ever stop to help a customer.
When I got home I realized that I needed two more feet of pvc. And the bolts were too short. And one of the corner pieces was a three-way piece. Sigh.

I assembled the parts that I had just to see if it was going to work. I still needed to find some fabric for it. I found a weaving piece I had done that I didn't really have a use for. Turns out, it is exactly the right size for the stand. Now I just need to sew a hem on each end to slide over the pvc. I do have a little battery operated sewing machine that I haven't used in a while.  Of course I don't have any batteries on hand....I could charge some up or buy some. But wait....I got my weeks confused and I'm going to be out of  money for gas for the last week. I really wanted to go to the fourth Saturday jam this month. I might not make it.
Meanwhile, I will need a stand for Thursday's nursing home performance. Or just sit next to someone with a book.

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