Sunday, November 2, 2014

Shelves and Such

Contrary to appearances, I haven't been totally lax lately. I've been finishing up some projects that have taken more time than they should have.

I've been very inspired by the articles I've read online about narrow shelves. I finally more or less finished some of my own between the bathroom door (big mirror) and the dog crate. 
I didn't do the best job of woodworking but it's up for now. It keeps wanting to slide away from the wall even though it's tight at the top.

Eating Area

Another project I'd been planning to do for ages was making a breakfast tray.
The only places I have to sit is at the computer (no free desk space here...) or on the bed.
It doesn't fold and I have to move it around but it gives me a place to eat and read a book without food slopping on the floor or worse, on the bed. 

Bedside Shelf

For the past couple of years I had been wanting some place to set my book and glasses when I'm ready to sleep. Currently, I've had to almost get out of bed to set them on the dresser that is at the foot of the bed. I tried some hanging bags and other arrangements but they were all unsatisfactory. I also wanted a tiny space to set a cup of coffee if I wanted to sit on the bed and read. The problem was to have something small enough that I wouldn't be crashing into it.

My neighbors pulled a corner shelf out of their camper and gave it to me. It was much to large for my camper and I had no corners that it would have fit into. I cut the top off and hung it upside down by the bed. PERFECT. I can't wait to go to bed tonight and try it out.

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