Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 6 - Happy Birthday to Me

I don't generally pay too much attention to my birthdays. In some societies, birthdays are ignored. It's only the history of the clan, or tribe or country that is remembered. My obsession with genealogy would seem strange to them.
But sometimes it's good to stop and take stock of where you are in your journey.
I've been back in Texas for just over two years now. I'm still in the RV park in my ancient trailer. It's miserable on hot days but I celebrate the winters while folks up north struggle with snow and cold.
Most of my days are spent in front of the computer (and the AC). Sometimes it's just too hot to stand up.

I miss my friends. I've made a couple of new friends here but don't get to go anywhere much since I'm afraid to leave the dogs in the camper on hot days. (Power has gone off on occasion, therefore, no ac or fans, and it's like sitting in a hot car in the sun. The dogs would not survive.)

I do get to visit my dad now and then when I can arrange to leave the dogs with one of my friends. It has been great for us to get to know each other again.

I've been practicing my music and am making progress. I can play much better than when I started. I even took a solo on my ukulele last week. 

Although I would love to change my living situation, I try to focus on my blessings. I have a roof over my head (which has just about stopped leaking), I have a bed to to sleep in. I have money to buy food for the dogs. I have a good car to drive (thanks to one of those good friends) I have music to play and instruments to play them on. And I've found my spiritual path after a lifetime of searching. All of that makes me very happy.

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