Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Bread Fiasco

Corn, yeast, oatmeal bread? This is going to be interesting.

 I was out of bread so I decided to make some quick 5-minute cornbread in the microwave. I dumped a cup of flour in a bowl and - oops. No cornmeal. Well, OK then. How about yeast bread in the rice cooker? (I'm getting into this alternative baking since I don't have a working oven.) Directions said to add a little bit of water to proof. I've never proofed before and I've made a lot of bread, but decided to try it.

 Oops, I wasn't supposed to add water to the flour mix like I just did. Now the batch is too wet and I'm out of flour. I tried adding powdered milk instead of liquid milk but it just seemed to dissolve. Ha. Oatmeal. Just the thing. It's rising now.

Then it hits me. I'm getting a ride to the grocery store today. I won't have time to let the dough rise and bake it too. I would have been fine with the cornbread, but not yeast bread. So I cut a little time off the rising and turn the cooker on. Of course, being a rice cooker, it keeps shutting itself down to warm. I keep turning it up until time to go. Then I unplug it and wrap it in a towel. 

The bread was still warm when I got home. I turned the cooker back on for a while. I gave it a taste test and declared it done. It really was pretty good bread. Imagine what it would have been like if I had done it right!

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