Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm Soooo Tired

I'm having another fuzzy day today. I've noticed, by reading online, that I'm not the only one with daytime sleepiness. It really is interfering with my writing since I have to be alone to write and when I'm alone and it's quiet, I start to fall asleep. In fact, I have a hard time reading, too, because I'm so sleepy. Tomorrow I might be full of energy and get things done. I never know.
Sometimes I can sleep 10 hours at night, and get up, have breakfast, take the dogs out and come in and lie down and fall asleep again. Sometimes, like today, I'm not really so sleepy that I can sleep, but I'm in that "tired and can't think" fog. I don't have the energy to do anything and no interest in trying.
Another aspect is that I can't ever find anything I'm so cramped in the camper that it can take hours, days or even weeks to find something that I need for a project. Just the thought is so discouraging that I give up before I even start.

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