Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tankless Child

I got up the other morning and went to light the stove to make some toast. The stove wouldn't light. I thought that was odd since I had just filled the 20 pound tank a week ago. They usually last three or four months. When I went outside to check it I discovered why the stove wouldn't light. It was GONE. Someone, and we think we know who, had disconnected the tank and stolen it while I was sleeping in the camper.
I really couldn't believe that someone would do that. It wasn't even the money so much, but the fact that I didn't have the money to have my spare tank filled for another week, when my Social Security check came in. That meant no cooking. I have an electric coffee maker so I would have hot water and a rice cooker for rice and pasta, but that was it.
I make it though the day eating cheese sandwiches, but didn't want to live on that. I had been wanting to get a little crock pot. Now it seemed like an essential accessory. I have an electric grill, but couldn't find the cord for it It's in here somewhere but it could take months to find it.

Yesterday A friend said she would be sending some dog food over by way of another friend. When he arrived he had not only the dog food, but some food for me and took my tank and had it filled. Wow. Someone is looking out for me! I really am blessed and rich in friends.

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